Apple is working on VR headset of more than $ 1000


Rumors have been circulating about the Apple VR headset for several years. If we can believe the rumors, Apple is coming with a VR headset that is close to the high-end segment. After the VR headset comes the long-awaited Apple Glass AR glasses.

VR device Apple

While the Apple Glass will focus on augmented reality, the Apple headset is mainly focused on virtual reality. Apple will focus on a VR headset for the Apple Glass. Bloomberg writes, based on sources, that the device will be much more expensive than rival VR headsets, with a price range of up to $ 1000.

As the internal strength of the VR headset, there is probably a new chip that is more powerful than the M1 Apple Silicon processors. Compared to the current products on the market, the display has a much higher resolution and has a built-in fan.

For the time being, more information about the unveiling of the new product is unclear.


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